This Labs


Who we are

THIS Labs is reshaping the way improvement and innovation is done in health and care. We are a purpose-led business with roots in The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute (THIS Institute), a research centre at the University of Cambridge, made possible by the Health Foundation.

We have delivered impactful projects with Royal Colleges, NHS trusts, government departments, universities, and other knowledge-led health and care organisations across the UK.

The key to sustained improvement lies in the experience, expertise, skills, and knowledge of the millions of people who use, work in, manage, and study those services, every day.

Building on established knowledge of digital platforms and the scientific rigour of the study of improvement, our team is creating an infrastructure for research, engagement, consultation, and collaborative design. We have developed, a growing online platform that is enabling large numbers of people to have meaningful involvement in improving services.

Our vision

A continuously improving health and care system driven by large-scale collaboration across an inclusive community of people who receive, deliver, and organise health and care services.

Our aims


THIS Labs will address the need for large-scale collaborative innovation and improvement in the health and care system by establishing Thiscovery as the go-to collaboration platform for those seeking to innovate and improve health and care services.


Our ‘start at scale’ ethos will engage large numbers of people with knowledge, skills, lived experience and professional expertise to create change at local, regional, and national scale.


We will achieve this through an inclusive, values-driven approach, with our “honest broker” role trusted and accepted by knowledge-led health and care organisations across the UK to drive real impact.


THIS Labs will deliver a unique asset for improving and innovating in health and care, adding value by improving engagement, efficiency, and effectiveness.